A downloadable game for Windows

If you have ever played Arkanoid in MS-DOS (or the Arcade machine version) or classic Breakout you know what this game is about.


Mouse - move your Paddle around using your Mouse

Left Mouse button - Shoot your Ball to start your game

Collect Power UPs - Sticky Ball, Extra Ball, Extra Life - to complete the game more easily ;)

What are "Alpha" Projects


This is yet another "Alpha" project which means that this game is a prototype, and is mainly used to demonstrate that I can make complete projects... kind of.. yay \o/ "Its something!".

If there ever is interest in any of my "Alpha" projects I may take them further and develop them in to a more serious game. Let me know in the comments :)



All assets for this game are from BUCH: https://opengameart.org/users/buch

Check out his OpenGameArt profile and Patreon page, the work he is doing is very beautiful !

Install instructions

Download, Unzip, Launch. That's it :)


AlphaBlock.zip 23 MB

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