A downloadable game for Windows

WARNING: this is just a simple platformer, nothing fancy!

Beat the highest score by collecting Gems and finishing the 5 levels in fastest possible way.

By killing your enemies you collect gems.

Collect Keys to unlock the door to another levels.

Beat your personal record time, you only have 200 seconds to finish the whole game, so it is quite short :)

What are "Alpha" Projects


This is yet another "Alpha" project which means that this game is a prototype, and is mainly used to demonstrate that I can make complete projects... kind of.. yay \o/ "Its something!".

If there ever is interest in any of my "Alpha" projects I may take them further and develop them in to a more serious game. Let me know in the comments :)



Assets for this game are by the one and only KenneyNL:

Make sure to check his website and support him, the job he is doing is awesome!

Average sessionA few seconds

Install instructions

Download and play


AlphaPlatformer.exe 16 MB

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